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How does it work?

Read on for how our Ride Buddies & Accommodation demand works


Demand More

Simplifying the Ski Chalet experience for Solo Skiiers and Boarders.

Demonstrating to the industry we need more choice.

We know that there's no simple way for individuals to enjoy the Ski Chalet experience.

Solo specific holidays operate in a limited number of resorts.

Independent shared chalets are hard to find and browse availability.

Tour operators list them by the room with per person prices based on 2 sharing.

Any member can demand a chalet holiday 

  • Expand the areas you and ski in

  • Suggest a budget - are you looking for something more luxe or happy with value?

  • Tell us what extra's are you looking for

When the weeks start rolling in, we'll send out bulletins with updates on matching holidays.

MEMBERS ONLY - Make sure to sign up, it's free

Member-Generated Holidays

Proactive? Know what you want? Put it out there! You're not alone.

Maybe you want an easy life and are happy to take someone else's lead?

Whichever way you're inclined, we're here to help.

Any member can suggest a holiday or post about their next trip.

  • Find people in resort at the same time

  • Fill accommodation you've booked

  • Get a group together to start from scratch

ski group details
ski buddies friends discussion board


  • Supply all the important information for people to make an informed decision

    • Dates

    • Locations

    • Accommodation 

    • Ability level

    • Who's in the group currently (You, a mate, a partner, children)

    • Information on the group (Non-skiers etc.)

    • Your apres vibe

    • Notes on what you're looking for in Ride buddies


  • Each holiday has it's own discussion board where you can chat to the organisers and other clan members before you go, ask questions, help with organising etc.

  • Properties can even drop you a line and offer their services if you've not found accommodation yet.​

  • Filter by ability, dates, countries and budget to find a group that suits you.


MEMBERS ONLY - Make sure to sign up, it's free

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