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Located in the Ötztal Valley of Austria, Sölden is a renowned ski resort that offers an exceptional skiing experience amidst the stunning backdrop of the Austrian Alps. 

With a rich history and a vibrant après-ski scene, Sölden attracts skiers and snowboarders from around the world. Sölden has a typical ski resort history - old agricultural town turned ski resort. It is built along the central valley road & river, with the beginning of town spreading out across both sides. (Make sure your check your cross over points!) With the spill over being mainly residentual, and all the entertainment and nightlife being focused around the strip. 

This is big town vibes, still with Austrian roots, but the selection of bars and hotels means you can pick your apres style. 

It's important you check which end of town you want to stay in - there's 2 access points to the ski area and the rest of the valley to consider. 

The lower end of town, close to the Giggijochtal has the higher concentration of night life options and an arguably slightly quicker access to the glacier. However, the home run back to town is limited to red and black runs. 

The far end of town has different strengths, being a quick bus ride (20min) up to Gurgl where you can spend an alternative day or 2 skiing on your multiday pass (2 days+). 

It's also home the the funicular up to the beginners area, where a drag lift on a much cheaper day pass is ample for beginners taking their first turns. The return run is also blue, making it accessible to the less confident. 

At night the Gaislachkogl turns into a transport for the night tobogan run, which I can honestly say is NOT for children and would highly encourage adults who love and thrill to give it a go, it is not at all for the faint of heart (do not have more than a few beers before attempting because you will very much go off the edge of the mountain). 

The sking here really does cater for everyone, the majority of the runs stay true to their colour grade. The glacier is however relatively disconnected to the rest of the ski area, you take a series of relatively lengthly gondolas to access it, with single return blue runs to reconnect.

Top tip: Want a cool photo spot? There's a metal suspention bridge high above the river behind the M Preis Sölden at the far end of town. The views down the valley with the snow, pine trees and rushing glacier water make for a great photo op. 

Overall, I would say this resort gives Mayrhofen atmosphere, with more expensive taste.

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Multi day passes are for the entire valley.

Beginner passes for the drag lift on the plateau above town are suitable for those on their first week, but you'll likely need to purchase a day pass for the gondolas by the end of the week.




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By car it's 1.5hr from Innsbruck (non peak times)

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Trains from Innsbruck to Otztal run regularly [38min] 

From Otztal you get a Valley bus to your resort of choice. 

The furthest reaches take 1.5hrs to Gurgl (320 bus)

The easiest way to plan train travel is use The Trainline (click the logo below)

This is because it's the most comprehensive integration of all European train operators, so you can even plan cross-border travel.

On average you can book 3-4 months in advance, read our full Guide to European Rail travel

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