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Zillertal Valley - Reviews, Hits and Tips

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

The Zillertal Valley is a great valley crammed with good skiing, it's officially split into 4 areas but in this post I'm going to be grouping them differently based on ski area access.

This information is especially relevant to holiday makers who are car-less.

The Zillertal Valley is great for easy access via Public Transport & variety in skiing without the need to drive. This is great for solo skiers and boarders too, as they're less likely to want to fork out for private transfers or hire cars.

  • Fugen - "Spieljoch" Ski area

  • Kaltenbach - "Hochzillertal" & "Hochfugen" ski areas

  • Aschau

  • Zell am Ziller - "Zillertal arena" inc. Gerlos/Krimml/Wald-Konigsleiten splinter Valley

Upper Valley

  • Mayrhofen

  • Tux

  • Hintertux Glacier

Chances are, especially if you're from the UK, you've herd of Mayrhofen. It's a very well known party town, it's especially popular amongst the Brits and they flock there in droves every year.

However, they're really missing out on the Lower Valley resorts, and I can see why the Germans and Dutch would want to keep this a secret for as long as possible.

Valley Access

Innsbruck is the best airport to use, there's a 15 min bus from airport to train station, then from Innsbruck Hbhf it's a very quick 15 min train to Jenbach.

The entire valley is served by the Zillertalbahn - one train line running from Jenbach to Mayrhofen.

It takes an hour end to end and it's a lovely way to travel.

Trains run every half an hour.

Now, onto the good part....

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