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Mayrhofen is a popular ski resort located in the Zillertal Valley of Tyrol, Austria. Renowned for its breathtaking alpine scenery and excellent skiing conditions, Mayrhofen attracts winter sports enthusiasts from around the world. The resort offers a unique blend of traditional Austrian architecture, a rich history, and a vibrant apres-ski scene. 

The architecture in Mayrhofen reflects the traditional Tyrolean style, with wooden chalets adorned with colorful frescoes and intricate balconies. These charming buildings add to the resort's picturesque ambiance and create a cozy atmosphere for visitors. 

Over the years, the resort has grown in popularity and expanded to accommodate the increasing number of visitors. Today, Mayrhofen is known for its modern amenities and buildings, while still preserving its alpine charm and traditional roots.

Mayrhofen has multiple gondolas that provide access to the ski area, its worth noting there's no return pistes to town so you need to queue for the Gondola which can be lengthy on peak weeks. The Penkenbahn gondola is the main lift and is located in the center of town. It transports skiers and snowboarders up to the Penken mountain. 

Note: Yes you can access a wider area in Finkenburg via the 150tux but this connection takes a while, it's a long, old gondola and you could be waiting a while.

The Ahornbahn gondola, located a short distance from the town center, provides access to the Ahorn mountain, which features mostly easy and intermediate runs. It's a tiny area but quiet and great on a powder day. 

Other access points are located in satelite villages outside of Mayrhofen, the Horbergbahn and Finke Almbahnen. As with any area on the outskirts, it's a matter of preference, they can offer some good value accomodation in a quieter zone but we'd suggest if you are going to travel specifically to Mayrhofen, you'd do so for the atmosphere of the town and not necessarilty the ski area itself. If you'd consider a place near one of the feeder Gondola, we'd urge you to consider somewhere else in the valley where you get much more for your money.

When it comes to apres-ski, this is the thing Mayrhofen is world famous for. After a day on the slopes, visitors can indulge in the resort's numerous bars, restaurants, and nightclubs. The main street, Hauptstrasse, is lined with establishments where you can relax and enjoy a drink or sample local Austrian cuisine.

 One famous spot for apres-ski in Mayrhofen is the Ice Bar, located at the bottom station of the Penkenbahn gondola which fills with people as they filter out of the Gondola. 

Don't forget to eat before you neck too may Zillertaler bier, another absolute Mayrhofen insitiution is the butcher across the road from the Icebar: Metzgerei Hans Gasser. This place is part butcher, part counter-service resturant. Get yourself a hot slab of meat, chicken nuggets, burger, schnitzle, the list goes on...the most reasonable prices in town for a substantial meal to keep your apres going. 

Another is the Brück'n Stadl, located a short walk away from the Penkenbahn over the river is one that picks up over the course of the evening and turns into a full blown apres party. 

Want our tips on accommodation? Check out the image gallery - we've highlighted some secret walkways and backstreets. There's good value accomodation in Mayrhofen within walking distance of the lifts, you just need to know where to look.

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Mayrhofen is only around an hour from Innsbruck driving in non-peak times.

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A really short 15min train from Innsbruck to Jenbach, then you transfer to the Zillertal valley railway. 

The valley railway will take you to its end in Mayrhofen in 50min

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