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Introduction to Ski Touring trip in St. Foy


St Foy




Guide / Instructor, Accommodation



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This is usually members only so grab the opportunity quick!

Its primary aim is to further enhance your mountain safety awareness and technical prowess.

Suitable for all skiers that have little to no experience in ski touring and would like to

You'll engage in 5 days of guided ski touring and instruction under the guidance of Floss Cockle.

With Floss's extensive coaching experience spanning over 25 years, each day's adventure will lead you to different locales as you embark on a quest for optimal conditions while refining your skiing techniques. The Tarentaise region exudes an old-school charm, adorned with echoes of early alpinists, mountain huts, and an abundance of chapels and churches. Depending on factors such as weather conditions and availability, this course may also offer the unforgettable experience of an overnight stay in a mountain refuge.

Daily Adventure: Skinning and Leg Strength

 In the morning, we'll rendezvous with Flossie for a preliminary discussion about the day ahead. During this session, we'll delve into any particular facets of our practice or knowledge that you'd like to emphasize. 

When it comes to ascending, our strategy primarily revolves around harnessing the power of our legs to reach the highest points or to position ourselves as close as possible to our intended skiing routes. 

Occasionally, we'll take advantage of the lift system to gain elevation and explore different regions. It's important to note that this is an instructional course, and our main objective is to acquire mountain skills and optimize the use of touring skis while honing our skiing technique.

Mountain Hut Stay (options)

Depending on the prevailing weather conditions and the group's skill levels, there may be an opportunity for an overnight sojourn in a mountain refuge. 

This presents a chance to commence our activities much earlier in the day and truly immerse ourselves in the mountain environment. 

Starting from mid-March, these huts are staffed and offer sustenance in the form of an evening meal and snacks. It's advisable to allocate a budget of €75-€85 per night to cover both accommodation and culinary provisions.

Please note that these mountain huts exclusively accept cash payments. For those planning an overnight stay, we recommend packing additional snacks for the following day, spare socks, a toothbrush, a head torch, wet wipes, hand sanitizer, and lightweight thermal clothing for a comfortable night's rest.

Am I good enought to join?

Your skiing capabilities include confidently navigating red and black piste runs, as well as handling various snow conditions with ease. 

You possess the skill and self-assurance to maneuver off-piste terrain, smoothly linking turns while effectively controlling your speed through the use of different turn radii, even on slopes with inclines of up to 35 degrees. 

You feel at home skiing down narrow paths featuring variable conditions, as well as tackling more intricate terrains adorned with trees and gullies. Additionally, you have gained some exposure to challenging mountain environments.

Each day of the tour will encompass approximately 2 to 4 hours of uphill skiing, involving ascents ranging from 400 to 1000 meters. It's essential to approach these tours with a coachable mindset. Even if you have limited or no prior ski touring experience, you should be capable of ascending at a rate of at least 400 meters per hour.


  • Luxury apartment/ Self catered Accommodation - 7 Nights

  • Free Ski Touring Kickstarter Digital Online homework Course Included usual worth €485

  • 5 Full Days of British backcountry ski coaching with Floss Cockle

  • Avalanche and transceiver workshop

  • Powder Mad Members Shirt

You should be bringing your own equipment, but ask on enquiery : 

Available to Rent

  • Touring Ski and skins

  • Touring Boots

  • Transceiver

  • Probe and Shovel


Every day a new adventure!

You'll meet up with Floss and she'll tell you where you're heading

Getting there

St Foy is easy to get to via Bourg saint Maurice

Trains head there from all major French Ski airports

Alternatively you can get a shared ski transfer (such as Bens Bus)

There's local buses up the short distance between Bourg and St Foy

Easily book your domestic and international train travel with The trainline, integrating all services into one app.

Trip Dates


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