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Under 30s solo ski holidays

Providing Everything You Need to get out onto the slopes

Are you in your 20s and considering a solo ski holiday? Don't worry, we've got your back!

Snowclans is dedicated to solo's holidays.


We will address our recommended brands, how to overcome key concerns and provide tips on building your ideal holiday.


So, grab your ski gear and get ready for an exciting adventure that will create memories for a lifetime!

Age is just a number

One common concern among young solo travelers is being the youngest person in the group when there's no age limits. The fear of not fitting in or feeling left out can be daunting. However, it's important to remember that age is just a number!

I've been skiing since my early 20s on various group holidays and I have to say you'll be surprised to discover that age barriers quickly fade away when you connect over a shared passion for skiing.

I've met some truly fascinating people from all walks of life that I would have never interacted with in my day to day.

You don't need a specific week

Brands That Work for You

There are several specific solo ski brands that cater specifically to the younger age groups

Chalet Skade

Contiki Ski

Other options

Hostels get a bad rep from Old people and Introverts, but the stereotype has moved on quite a bit from the tired and dirty units of the past. They're actually a fantastic way to meet people for a solo holiday.

If you struggle with social integration, you can almost always find some organised events and there's always an Extrovert on hand to adopt you. Even if you don't put yourself out there, the communal atmosphere is great for topping up even the most sensitive of social batteries.

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