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Technical Performance Camp - Snowboarding






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Enhance your snowboarding skills by honing your core technical abilities. This snow camp promises swift advancement in carving, navigating steep terrain, conquering off-piste challenges, and mastering freestyle riding. Say goodbye to any lingering bad habits as you cultivate a seamless riding style. Plus, relish a week-long holiday alongside like-minded riders at your skill level.

Designed with intermediate and advanced adult riders in mind, this camp caters to those who have little to no prior formal coaching experience. A full week of riding alongside seasoned professionals promises transformative changes in your abilities, ultimately enhancing your mountain adventures.

Our primary goal is to establish a rock-solid foundation across the entire mountain, pushing the boundaries of your technical prowess. Whether it's perfecting carving techniques, conquering steeper terrain, navigating off-piste challenges, tackling bumps, or mastering freestyle, we've got you covered.

Throughout the camp, you'll dive into specific techniques like torsional flex and pedaling, empowering you to take greater control of your board. This newfound mastery will unlock your equipment's full potential, resulting in a more responsive riding style that thrives across all terrains.

You'll be staying in the wonderful, full catered Northstar Chalets in central Morzine. So you can board all day then come home to everything done for you.

Don't want to include accommodation?

Technical performance courses (5 x half days) are available:

  • 8th Jan

  • 22nd Jan

  • 29th Jan

  • 5th Feb

  • 11th Feb

You'll still be learning with a small group, but you can arrange your own accommodation etc.


Small group - 6 riders

5 days coaching + 1 Free day to do as you wish

7 nights accommodation

Breakfast & dinners


Wake up each day to breakfast prepared for you

Get ready and meet your instructor, where you'll go off for a full day of tuition on 5/6 days

Choose to apres with your peers or come back to the chalet to relax before dinner

Getting there

Skiidy Gonzales

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  • Geneva Airpot

  • Morzine, Montriond, Avoriaz, Les Gets,  St Jean d'Alpes

  • Daily

  • Aprox 115 return

  • Schedualed around flights

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