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Portes Du Soliel




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Amazing opportunity to progress your skills with a small group of similar riders (6 max), gain confidence and enjoy a social holiday too.

Get 5 half days of tuition to improve your riding in all conditions, plus a stay in a luxury chalet to rest and recover for the days following.

You'll be riding with the founder of MINT snowboard schools, Tammy, who was the first British woman to earn the highest accreditation in French instruction, she's been running the show for 20+ years so she will have seen it all and know how to handle it. You'll also be helpped by Giulia Rocco, a freestyle master and yoga instructor.

Back at the Chalet, the evening program aims to compliment the on snow day. This includes video feedback sessions to further improve your performance on snow and yoga sessions run by Giulia to allow you to stretch and unwind after a day on the mountain.

What level should I be?

The absolute minimum is 2 weeks riding, but to get the most out of this you should be a low level intermediate, you can get down most of the mountain but you're not as confident or skilled in all challenging conditions. You can come into difficulty on steeps, ice and heavy chop. 

Even if you're confident on most pistes, you'd still get a lot from this course - progress your technical, off-piste and freestyle riding.

Don't worry - you'll be split into 2 groups of 3 so you get the most out of it with people similar to you

Where will we stay?

Farmhouse La Desmeuniere run by Woodland Chalets

We're talking wooden, alpine, refurbished luxury.

Sauna and hot tub.

Big lounge with netflix, apple tv and Nintendo.

  • Continental breakfast with a daily hot breakfast special

  • Afternoon tea and cake everyday

  • Complimentary teas, coffee and hot chocolate

  • A pre-dinner drink and canapés

  • 4 course evening meal on 5 evenings

You'll share a room with someone on the course.

It's a 15min walk into central Morzine, but there's not only lifts to and from the slopes in morning and evening, but a bus stop right outside.


  • 5 x 3hrs half day coaching

  • Evening analysis and Yogo

  • Half board chalet

  • 7 days accommodation

What you'll need to cover

  • Portes du Soliel Liftpass (Order it online) aprox 325 euro

  • Hire gear

  • Airport transfers (see 'Getting there')

  • Flights etc.


5 Half Days of Coaching in Small Groups:

Over the course of five half days, we'll be diving deep into improving your snowboarding skills in small groups. Each day will be tailored to your group's riding level.

Day 1: Enhancing Your Riding Technique

On day one, Tammy will take a close look at your current riding skills. She'll then provide targeted coaching to strengthen your abilities where they matter most. You'll also get valuable advice on equipment and how to optimize your setup.

Day 2: Mastering Movement Skills

Day two is all about refining your movement skills to boost your technical prowess and elevate your board's performance. Tammy will even capture your riding on film (no pressure!) to analyze your technique and offer personalized coaching based on your specific needs.

Day 3: Applying Your Skills Across Terrain

With the skills and techniques you've acquired in the previous two days, you'll tackle a variety of terrain and tasks on day three. The goal is to empower you to use your equipment effectively and develop a smooth riding style that shines all over the mountain.

Day 4: Embracing Freestyle Skills

Day four is all about embracing freestyle skills, both on and off the snow park, including the exciting world of switch riding.

Day 5: Off-Piste Adventure

Get ready for a thrilling off-piste adventure on day five. Tammy absolutely loves powder, and she'll lead you beyond the regular slopes into untouched snow. This is where you'll advance your riding technique on natural terrain and adapt to varying snow conditions. For the advanced group, it's an epic backcountry adventure down Vallée de la Manche, while the lower group can look forward to a similarly exciting, albeit slightly less challenging, adventure.

Getting there

Skiidy Gonzales

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  • Geneva Airpot

  • Morzine, Montriond, Avoriaz, Les Gets,  St Jean d'Alpes

  • Daily

  • Aprox 115 return

  • Schedualed around flights

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