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Membership Inclusion Policy

SnowClans is for everyone, and we mean absolutely everyone, on one condition:

That you are not a d*ck to others, for any reason.

Why do we feel the need to emphasize this?

There are common preconceived ideas about the kind of people that go on ski holidays, including but not limited to wealthy, able bodied, white and more often than not, men.

This can make it intimidating for those who don't think they 'fit in' to put themselves out there with a group of other solos.

On this basis we want to stress that SnowClans is a community for everyone. Our aim is to acknowledge that there's a lot of people who sit outside the stereotype, as well as fitting in it, and provide a safe space for them to come together.

In order to achieve this all our associates must embody it, any evidence that a member or an advertiser does not will mean immediate removal from the site. This is a strictly no-discrimination community.

We do not care about our members gender, sexuality, race, physical or mental ability or condition, religion or politics and neither should you. They hold no relevance to a ski holiday, and as they have no impact on your life, they are none of your concern. It's not woke, it's being a decent human being.

We are united by a shared passion for sliding down mountains.

Let's not ruin that with bigotry.

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Proudly Queer owned.

Visibility matters.

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