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European Ski Resort Map

All the ski resorts in Europe with over 100km of pistes plotted on a Google map.

  • Plan your self drive ski holidays quickly and easily

  • Find the quickest transfers from the airport or train station

  • See which ski areas are closest to you

  • Plan a multi-resort ski holiday with the easiest connections

  • Plan a ski road trip or winter vanlife route

How to use the map

​Best experienced on Google Maps mobile app

or save to your bookmarks and access any time from your phone or laptop

  • Each pin represents a single resort / town / village

  • Where a ski area only has one key access resort - there's only one pin

  • If a ski area has multiple associated resort towns (e.g. Three Valleys) each one will be pinned separately, showing the different access points.

  • Don't know what area a resort is associated with? Use our search function and it will bring up the associated area page

  • Want to know more about a resort or area? Use our comparison engine or search bar

Why only over 100km?

100km is a reasonable amount of km for the average intermediate skier to enjoy for at least a long weekend.
Everyone has their own preferences on the amount of variety they need, size of ski area is ranked #1 factor in choosing a resort. 
This site is built for people travelling to take a ski holiday, not those visiting local hills, so we made the executive decision to cap the list at 100km to make sure they're decent size (a
nd reduce choice paralysis)
There's still over 14
0 resorts here to choose from.

How to open & save your map

  1. Open your confirmation email

  2. Click "Open here"

  3. Google maps will open automatically on app mobile or browser

  4. You'll see the "100km> Ski resorts Europe" list loaded in the menu

  5. Select "Follow"

To view the list at any time:

  1. Go to Google maps

  2. Open the "Saved" tab 

  3. Go to the bottom of the list under "Lists you follow"

  4. Select "100km> Ski resorts Europe"

  5. Browse the map

TIP: In browser, scroll through the list to see the location markers pop up on the zoomed out map

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