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When to ski in Europe

Pick the perfect time for your needs

With aprox 20 weeks available to ski, you need to know when is best for you

When to go skiing in Europe







X Mas / NYE

Half term

6th Jan - 10th Feb

24th Feb - 30th March


Cheapest week

2nd - 23rd

13th +

Cusp Weeks

The weeks at the start and end of the season are much more unpredictable in terms of snow conditions.

With unpredictability comes cheaper prices in your average resort.

If you're booking in advance, the best option is to book somewhere with high altitude but these snowsure resorts come with a higher price tag.

If you hold your nerve, perhaps booking flights or trains only, you can then book accomodation and transfers to the best conditions.


School holidays are always almost double the price of any other time of year, and they're the busiest - if you don't have to go, don't go.

Even ski passes are more expensive.

Note: European countries overlap holiday periods in Feb & April but not perfectly, we've highlighted peak weeks, but there may be some spill over either side.

However, we must say spending Christmas and NYE in the snow is one of the best experiences ever.


Solo ski holidays can allow you greater flexibility.

It's only your own time you need to manage, and you can be as spontaneous as your schedule allows

When should you go on a solo ski holiday?

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