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Catedral Alta Patagonia


South America

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Catedral Alta Patagonia, located in the Argentine Patagonia region, is one of the most renowned ski resorts in South America. It is situated just 20 kilometers from the city of San Carlos de Bariloche, making it easily accessible for visitors. The resort is named after the prominent granite peaks resembling a cathedral that dominate the surrounding landscape. 

Catedral Alta Patagonia offers a diverse range of terrain suitable for skiers and snowboarders of all levels. With over 120 kilometers of slopes and 40 lifts, the resort provides ample opportunities for exploration and enjoyment. Beginners can start with the gentle slopes near the base, while more experienced skiers can challenge themselves on the steeper runs higher up the mountain. Additionally, the resort offers terrain parks for freestyle enthusiasts, featuring jumps, rails, and other obstacles. 


The après-ski scene at Catedral Alta Patagonia is vibrant and lively. There are several bars, restaurants, and cafes located in the base village, where visitors can relax and unwind after a day on the slopes. The local cuisine, influenced by the region's Argentine and European heritage, offers a delightful culinary experience. Visitors can indulge in traditional Argentine dishes, such as grilled meats and empanadas, or enjoy international cuisine. 

In terms of its history, Catedral Alta Patagonia began as a small ski club in the 1930s and gradually expanded into a full-fledged ski resort. The development of infrastructure and facilities transformed it into a popular destination for winter sports enthusiasts. The resort maintains a charming alpine village atmosphere, with traditional architecture and a cozy ambiance. As for connectivity, there is a direct connection from the resort to the slopes, allowing skiers to access the runs conveniently. Additionally, shuttle buses are available to transport visitors from the nearby city of San Carlos de Bariloche to the resort, making it accessible for those without a vehicle. 

One notable feature of Catedral Alta Patagonia is the ability to ski back to town. Skiers can descend from the mountain all the way to the base village, providing a unique and convenient skiing experience. 

Catedral Alta Patagonia caters to a wide range of skiers and snowboarders. Beginners can take advantage of the excellent ski schools and beginner-friendly slopes, while intermediate and advanced riders can explore the diverse terrain and challenging runs. 

The resort's proximity to the city of San Carlos de Bariloche also makes it suitable for non-skiers who can engage in other activities, such as sightseeing or enjoying the local culture. 

Overall, Catedral Alta Patagonia offers a fantastic skiing experience with stunning mountain scenery, a lively après-ski scene, and convenient access to the slopes. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, this ski resort provides a memorable adventure in the picturesque Patagonian region of Argentina.

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