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Winter Sport

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SnowClans was built to help the keen skier & snowboarder get out to the mountains without worrying about being alone.

Educating them on the options & aggregating in a searchable format - Improving awareness among your potential customers

Educated consumers are empowered consumers

Empowered consumers are more confident consumers

 more confident consumers are more likely to convert

What's your business?

Holidays, Course & Guiding companies

Those offering anything from All-inclusive week long improver weeks, multi day guided tours to Instruction only camps.

Group instruction

Booked on a per person basis

Season - long operations with accommodation catered to individual travelers.

Availability on a per person basis.

Solo's Holiday Providers
Chalet Owners

Those operating on a Shared basis already


Those usually offering sole occupancy who want to expand to shared weeks to ensure maximum occupancy in off-peak weeks.


Accommodation not your thing? Our members need transfers, guides, instructors, food, equipment...The list goes on, reach out through our contact page to see how we can help promote your business.


We generate traffic across the Google Network and Social platforms from 3 key audiences:

Solo skiiers and boarders looking for a solution

We have a unique audience who are searching for a solution that they don't even know yet, and you could be it.

There's no other dedicated resource on the web for these highly motivated buyers at the top of the purchase funnel.

Those seeking Ski Chalet without the group

These people are further along the purchase journey, they know they want a Chalet holiday.

In the market to purchase.

Currently there's no other place with good UX to search the options for them

see our summary of comparative options here

Listing on SnowClans lowers the barriers to purchase by:

Improving awareness

Ability to easily compare 

Empowering them to make an informed choice

Looking for experiences

Many land here with a broad scope of interest

They want to Tour, they want to learn park, they want to learn to ski powder...

Browsing our database opens their mind and provides opportunity for your courses and holidays to catch their eye



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