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Best Ski hire tips

Solo ski holiday savings

There's several options for hiring ski equipment

Local Ski Rental Stores

Pros: ​

  • Personalized service

  • Flexibility

  • Ability to see the conditions of the equipment before you rent

  • Can pick the one you like the look of when you get there


  • Can't always find & compare the options easily online

  • RIsky to leave it till you're there if going in busy times

  • Don't always have economy of scale

  • Can't always pre-order online

Mobile Rental Services


  • Equipment delivered to you​

  • Don't have to carry matching skis / boots to fit to gear

  • Time saving

  • No queuing


  • Limited range to try

  • Predetermined types & sizes brought to you / can't change mind 

  • Have to schedule pick up/ drop off if somethings wrong

  • Harder to compare prices vs other options

Online Aggregator Websites


  • Almost always cheapest option

  • Clear pricing to budget with

  • Extensive options

  • Ability to compare deals across resort

  • Reserve in advance to guarantee availability


  • Can't inspect before hiring

  • Still need to pick up your gear from the rental shop

  • Doesn't always cover every option in resort

The cheapest ski hire is always pre-booked

Find your cheapest option here

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