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What is Snowclans

Our mission is to maximise your time and enjoyment on the snow.

In all honesty we built what we needed and what the industry is missing

- A comprehensive, consumer friendly way to plan your perfect ski holiday.


Curate your short list of ideal ski resorts using our comprehensive database.

Have all their essential info at your finger tips

Sure there's lots of info already out there, but we've done the heavy lifting for you and prioritised the info people really use to pick a ski resort.

  • Size

  • Transfer options

  • Pass prices

  • Resorts by popular preferences eg. Traditional villages, high altitude resorts

  • Travel connections by airport

  • Ski road trip advice

The list goes on.


Solo Adventure

We are big advocates of solo adventure.

In a world that caters to multiples as a default, we wanted to enable those with an adventurous spirit to get out onto the slopes alone.

Promoting solo-specific group holidays

Providing advice for planning solo ski trips

Providing the info needed to plan a solo trip

Removing the barriers of overwhelm and hours of research we hope more people can enjoy the freedom of snowsports.


Planning & Advice

If all of the tools and tips are still too much, we are here to help you plan your holiday for you.

With 12+ years of experience, there's 1000s of hours of research accumulated in our brains and in our databases to save you the hassle of doing the same.

Whether you lack the time, patience, technical knowhow or inspiration, we can help.

Give us your requirements and we'll work up an itinery.

As planners not agents, we aren't bias or reliant on any set selection of suppliers, and will build a holiday bespoke to you.

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