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Espace Diamant: Traditional, relaxed, charm in Savoie

All the planning info you need to book a ski holiday in the Espace Diamant.

Between the Beaufortain and Val d'Arly, Savoie and Haute-Savoie ranges the Espace Diamant Ski Area connects 6 charming village resorts on skis:

Les Saisies , Hauteluce , Notre Dame de Bellecombe, Crest-Voland/Cohennoz , Praz sur Arly and Flumet.

These are right next to the much more famous (and much more expensive) Megève in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes.

With 192km connected across all 6 villages, it's a substantial size that will be more than enough for a week, especially for Intermediate and beginner skiers. Advanced skiers who like to take it easy will also enjoy this laid back area, and its close connection to the Evasion Mont Blanc Megève to expand their ski area if the itch for more km hits.

Safest to choose any of these resorts as an option during peak season, due to the skiing being below 2000m. Budget on accommodation and food will go further than on the Evasion Mont Blanc Megeve.


Espace Diamant is the biggest total area connecting all resorts, with an amazingly well priced 6 day pass @ 236 Euro for 6 days.

That's 1.23 Euro/km - well below the 1.64/km European average

Smaller sub sections can be purchased for the less enthusiastic or skilled (eg. Val d'Arcy, Les Sasises sub areas) that will save even more money.

Beginners can take advantage of the points system, and only pay what they ski.

❓Resort Choices

Notre dame de bellecombe or Crest Voland are the best choices for ski connections across the entire area.

Stay in Les Saises if you're with non-skiers who love nordic, there's tonnes of tracks

Stay Praz-sur-Arly if you want a short trip to check out Megeve's slopes too

None of these really supply hectic apres ski, but a simpler, more chill option.

Want more detail?

Resort descriptions

  1. Praz-sur-Arly: Praz-sur-Arly is a charming and family-friendly ski resort situated at an altitude of around 1,030 meters. It offers a cozy village atmosphere with traditional Savoyard architecture. The ski slopes cater to all levels, with a good mix of beginner, intermediate, and advanced runs. Praz-sur-Arly is known for its sunny slopes and beautiful panoramic views.

  2. Flumet: Flumet is a small and picturesque resort located at an altitude of approximately 1,000 meters. It is ideal for families and beginners, as it offers gentle and easy slopes. The resort's main attraction is its proximity to the stunning scenery of the Val d'Arly and the Mont Blanc massif. Flumet also boasts a charming village center with traditional wooden chalets.

  3. Notre-Dame-de-Bellecombe: Notre-Dame-de-Bellecombe is a traditional village resort nestled at an altitude of around 1,150 meters. It offers a mix of tree-lined and open slopes, making it suitable for all skiing abilities. The resort is known for its authentic Savoyard ambiance, with beautiful old buildings and a charming village center. It also provides access to the "Lachat," a panoramic viewpoint offering breathtaking vistas.

  4. Crest-Voland/Cohennoz: Crest-Voland/Cohennoz is a resort that combines two villages, Crest-Voland and Cohennoz, located at an altitude of approximately 1,230 meters. This family-oriented resort provides a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. It features a good range of slopes for all levels, including some challenging runs. The resort offers a mix of traditional chalets and modern accommodations, along with stunning views of the surrounding mountains.

  5. Les Saisies: Les Saisies is a well-known resort situated at an altitude of about 1,650 meters. It is a popular destination for both alpine and cross-country skiing. The resort has hosted various international events, including the Winter Olympics. Les Saisies offers a vast ski area with a diverse range of slopes suitable for all abilities. It is renowned for its excellent snow conditions, stunning panoramas, and extensive network of cross-country skiing trails.

As always our #1 recommendation is to check out the Piste Map when picking your accommodation location!


Train to Albertville

DONT head to Sallanches like you would for Megeve.

Trains direct from Paris, Nantes and Strasbourg if you're travelling over land.

average. 3.5hrs from Lyon // 3.5hrs from Gevena // 2hr Grenoble // 45min Chambery

Easiest from Lyon or Geneva airports because of their train station connections;

Lyon - shuttle tram to Lyon central.

Geneva airport to Geneva Cornavin train

Also possible from Chambery and Grenoble.

Chambery - 25 euro/ 10min taxi from airport to train station, taxi to be ordered in advance on arrival.

Can also get a coach from train station to Albertville

Grenoble - 45min coach to connect airport and train station

Albertville to Espace Diamant

Shuttle to the resorts - book on Altibus

Lines 22, 23 or 24 from Alberville, depending on your final destination.

aprox 30 min to Flumet

aprox 1.25hrs to Les Saises

Otherwise there's always Private transfers or car hire

Due to the low altitude the drive is less likely to be impacted by severe weather conditions


How does the ski pass price compare? Use our price comparison tool

⚠️Want to get the most out of your next ski holiday - follow for more inspiration, deals, itineraries etc.

Check out the site, for planning tools like the Ski pass price comparison, example itineries, resort highlights, ski area size guides, transfers. etc.

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