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Remote Working + Skiing: Tips & Ideas

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Digital Nomad or newly converted Remote worker? Lucky you!

If there's a good thing that's come out of the Pandemic, it's that those of us privileged enough to have weathered the storm well have often re-evaluated our lives and decided that the pursuit of happiness should be higher on our priority list. There really is no time to loose.

So you love skiing and you also love earning a living? I hear you, I'm right there with you, and with the Work-from-Home president set, more of us can combine the two.

Once you've decided that's what you want, there's a multitude of things to consider.

Work/Holiday Balance

Staying put or Roaming?

Ski Passes

Transfers & Transport

Choosing a resort



Finally...Social life

Well why do you think I created !

Whether you're resort hopping or spending the winter bedding down in one resort - it's the place to find others doing the same thing. There's a mix of people, some on holiday, some working, all of them looking for Ride Buddies.

We can't all be blessed with friends and partners that share our love of the mountains, or if they do, they might not be able to afford it or move their work.

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