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Queer Ski Social


A queer social with a difference

Learn to ski or snowboard // Brush up on your skills

Meet other adventurous queers

Reclaim the slopes


Come join us!

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FAQ - Snow Centre Events

Am I allowed in this space?

"Queer" is an umbrella term that we respect and use because language is limited, but we are narrowing it down for our social

We are reserving this as a space for less well served groups in the LGBTQIA+ community

As we are such a diverse alphabet mafia, it's easier to define who this event is not for:

No cis-men (of any sexuality)

No cis-het women


If you have any doubts that you are welcome, please contact us via the details given above.

This is not an invite to argue or discuss sexuality, gender or inclusive spaces.

Please respect the terms and safe space we are trying to create.

If you don't agree, don't come.

What are the levels?

Brand new

You're fresh meat - you've literally never tried to ski or snowboard in your life

Starting from scratch


Maybe you've been on a school trip 10 years ago and never been since

Some attempt has been made previously but you'd like a lesson to regain lost skills and confidence

This option is given for people who arn't sure they can meet the lift pass only requirements

*NB. Please give us a hint on your skill level - we are capturing this information to put you into group lessons

Group lessons will be taught on the level of the least skilled person

I can do it

You don't need to be a pro, but you must be able to:

  • Control Speed & Direction

  • Perform Linked Turns

  • Stop When Required

  • Use a Button Lift Unassisted

For those who've done it before and just want to practice and vibe with others

The final social offering will be based on demand


How to get there

Train to: Hemel Hempstead or Apsley (30min from London Euston)

Apsley is a 25min walk

Hemel Hempstead is a 40min walk


5 minute taxi ride. There is a taxi rank at Hemel Hempstead station.

There is no taxi rank at Apsley, but you can call a taxi on 01442 247247.

We can help coordinate shared taxis closer to the time to save everyone time and money.

Car Share

When we confirm attendance and dates, we'll be able to coordinate car shares if anyone is driving

What do I need to bring?

Skis, boots and helmet will all come as part of the package.

Warm & waterproof clothes are a must - the centre is kept at just below 0.

Ski Jackets and trousers are available to hire 

1 item is £7pp and 2 items are £12pp. We also sell gloves and socks for £6 each for group bookings. 

Gloves & long socks are a must.

Reach out to your friends, you never know who's got some gear

The organisers will also have a limited number of jackets, trousers, socks & gloves available for those that need to save some extra cash.

Accessibility & Fitness

For the able bodied, skiing & snowboarding require a baseline level of physical readiness.

You don't need to be a sports-queer or fitness freak, but you do need to bear in mind you'll be working your legs and core especially.

Put it this way - you'll be in a constant semi-squat. You need to have reasonable knee and ankle flexion.

If you have any condition that impacts the level of physical exertion you're able to sustain, please consult a medical professional

If you have a disability please consult disability snow sport UK for the impact on you and any adaptive measures available to you

Reach out to us and we can coordinate with the snow centre to see if these are possible at the same time as the social.

You are 100% responsible for assessing whether you're fit to take part.

Who's organising?


I'm Vic

A non-binary, trans masc human who's addicted to snowsports.

I want all queer people to have the opportunity to experience the freedom and fun of skiing and snowboarding without being intimidated by the cis het, Tory stereotypes. (I also just want more adventure friends)


It's important for me to use what little platform I can build to be visible and 100% myself, so queers and other minority groups can see that there's space for us, we exist and the world of skiing is open to everyone (who can afford it).

What is Snowclans?

Snowclans started as a passion project in lockdown, creating a database of all the holiday options for skiers & snowboarders who had no one to ride with: From organised solo chalets to adventure tours with guides.

From there in 2022/23 I expanded it into a community + introduced social holiday options promoting shared chalets.

The community ethos has always been inclusivity. I have a passion, stubbornness and privilege that has meant I am happy to enter spaces where I will very likely be an outlier, I recognise that it can be intimidating for many and want to create a safer space for them, ideally meeting people who share some common experience.

Who knows what the 2023/24 season will bring.

Whilst interest in this community is not unsubstantial, creating engagement amongst members has been a challenge.

I will still in some way be here educating, connecting and inspiring.

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