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Chamonix (Direct Areas)




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Chamonix is one of the most iconic ski resorts in the world, nestled in the French Alps near the borders of Switzerland and Italy. Renowned for its challenging terrain and breathtaking views of Mont Blanc, the highest peak in Western Europe, Chamonix offers an unforgettable skiing experience. 

Chamonix is not a purpose-built ski resort but a traditional alpine town with a rich history. It has been attracting mountaineers and skiers since the late 18th century, making it one of the oldest ski destinations. 

The town has a charming atmosphere with narrow streets, picturesque squares, and traditional Savoyard architecture, blending seamlessly with the stunning natural surroundings. 

The ski area of Chamonix is divided into several distinct areas, each offering unique skiing opportunities. Due to the size of the town and the spread of the ski areas, you'll likely be using the local ski buses that connect the different sectors. The main ski areas include Brevent/Flegere, Grands Montets and Le Tour/Balme none of these areas are particularly large in size, but you have the ability to switch daily depending on where the best conditions are. 

Chamonix is known for its challenging and varied terrain, making it particularly suitable for advanced and expert skiers. The resort is famous for its off-piste and backcountry skiing opportunities, attracting adrenaline-seeking skiers and snowboarders from around the globe. 

The Vallée Blanche is a legendary off-piste descent starting from the Aiguille du Midi. This stunning 20-kilometer route takes skiers through breathtaking glacial terrain, offering magnificent views of the Mont Blanc massif. It requires a guide and suitable equipment due to crevasses and other hazard. 

La Tour is a picturesque ski area with notable off-piste possibilities. From the top of the ski lifts, it's possible to explore various routes through tree-lined slopes and open powder fields. La Tour is ideal for those seeking off-piste adventures in a more relaxed setting. 

Glacier du Tour is a popular ski touring destination, attracting experienced skiers and mountaineers. The route starts from the Col de Balme and involves traversing glaciers, ascending steep slopes, and navigating crevassed areas. It rewards with stunning panoramic views and a challenging but rewarding journey. However, the on piste options are more than good enough for beginners and intermediates, the majority being just as managable as any other resort. If anything, we'd say if you're going to be mainly sticking to the piste, we'd say there are far better ski experiences available to you. If you buy the larger Mont blanc ski pass, you've access to more - but these require further travel outside of the Chamonix capture area to other resorts such as Les Houches- Saint Gervais, Megeve, Vallorcine, Courmayeur and Verbier. 

After a thrilling day on the slopes, Chamonix offers a vibrant après-ski scene. The town is bustling with bars, restaurants, and cafes where skiers can unwind and socialize. The atmosphere is lively, and you can find everything from cozy pubs with live music to sophisticated wine bars, micro brewaries and nightclubs, due to its size you can always find something to suit you.

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Ski Pass

6 day pass
Euro / km

There are 3 ski pass levels - Price quoted is for the Mont Blanc Unlimited aka. The biggest

Chamonix is a collection of small, disconnected areas that you can access by Bus or Car, so it does require a fair amount of logistics. There's only one area you can access from town.

Chamonix Le Pass (Chamonix only) - 300 Euro
Brévent -Flégère ski area (55km), Grands Montets ski area (29km) , Balme - Le Tour - Vallorcine ski area (29km)

Beginners and intermediates skiers will be happy with this pass
Intermediate and Advance skiers will get the most out of Chamonix if you're planning on doing a lot of off piste - that's what this area is famous for, so we recommend getting a guide. Otherwise, you will potentially bore of the on piste options over the course of a week.


Unlimited Pass (355 euro)
Chamonix ski areas as above PLUS....

Les Houches - Saint-Gervais ski area (55km)
Evasion Mont Blanc Megève ski area (263km)
Courmayeur ski area (Italy) (90km)
Crans Montana (Switzerland) (140km)
Verbier - 4 Vallées (Switzerland)

As you can probably guess, to make the most of this pass, you will likely require your own private transport.

There are options if you don't, but you're at the mercy of Shuttles for some quite long commutes.
Shuttles to Courmayeur (Italy): 22€/pers Round trip during the day (1hr peak times)
Shuttles to Megève: Free on reservation (45min)

Les Houches - Saint-Gervais ski area (55km) - 239 euro
Les Houches is technically a town in its own right - you can purchase a pass just for this and base yourself in the town for easy access rather than in Chamonix
This is a good option for beginners and families who split during the day - advanced members of the party can go explore other areas




Closest Airports



1hr - Geneva

snowy alp mountain range.jpg


Direct Train
Train + Bus Option
Direct coach

Train Connections




Chamonix has its own train station in the centre of town, however it's not on the main train network, it's part of the Mont Blanc Express. 

Aprox 2.5 hrs to 3.5hrs from Geneva

Geneva is the best Airport to get a train transfer from if you're heading to St Gervais.

Grenoble, Chambery and Lyon are all possible, but require 4.5hrs+ and 2 or more changes.

Mont Blanc Express is a scenic mountain train route that runs from the French station of St Gervais/Le Fayet, with a steep climb to the Chamonix valley, all the way through Chamonix and Argentiere, under the Col des Montets and down the other side into Martigny in Switzerland.

Therefore, any train connections all the way into town require a change at St Gervais Les Bains, or from the other end in Switzerland eg. Vallorcine



Chambery - 2.5hrs (1 change)

Grenoble - 3.5hrs (1 change)

If you don't want to get the Mont Blanc Express

Train to Sallanches, which sits at the end of the Chamonix valley and serves the wider Mont Blanc area (Megeve, St Gervais, Les Houches)

Bus connections

Sallanches connections

Y81 line - 1hr to Chamonix

Also then stops in Saint Gervais and Les Houches on the way through.

The easiest way to plan train travel is use The Trainline (click the logo below)

This is because it's the most comprehensive integration of all European train operators, so you can even plan cross-border travel.

On average you can book 3-4 months in advance, read our full Guide to European Rail travel

Book with

Coach Connections


  • Friday / saturday / Sunday from Geneva

  • 1.5hrs

  • From £16.99 each way


  • From Lyon Airport

  • 3hr 15

  • 13.99 each way

  • Saturday / sunday


  • Offer Express, Door to Door & Point to Point Shared services

  • Geneva

  • From 20 euro each way

  • Timetables TBC for winter 2023

Alpine Fleet

  • Check the site, schedual varies from Geneva

  • From 19.50 each way

Mountain Drop Offs

  • From Geneva

  • Schedule varies - enquire on the site

  • 50 euro each way

  • Door to door service

Accommodation options

Search using your prefered online travel providers, shop around for the best deal.

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Ski Hire

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