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Ski Arlberg is one of the largest ski areas in Austria, located in the Tyrol. It encompasses several renowned ski resorts, including St. Anton, St. Christoph, Lech, Zürs, and Stuben - all very much regarded as luxury destinations. 

Ski Arlberg is known for its excellent lift and transportation system, making it easy for skiers to navigate between the different resorts. Ski buses and ski lifts connect the various villages within the ski area, ensuring convenient access to the slopes. 

The skiing

  • Regardless of which of the core resorts you stay at, the local slopes on their own are great, note that the connections sometimes across the area take a while.

  • St. Anton isn't ideal for absolute beginners.

  • There's fantastic free ride routes across the area to explore (over 200km of them in fact)

  • Oberlech has the best selection of relaxing blues to cruise

Which resort is for you? 

St. Anton, the largest hub of Ski Arlberg, is a traditional town with a rich skiing history. It was one of the pioneering ski resorts to develop modern alpine skiing and has since become a world-famous destination for winter sports enthusiasts. 

The resort offers a vibrant apres ski scene with numerous bars, clubs, and restaurants, this resort has big town energy and you shouldn't be seeking a quaint, quiet atmosphere from your ski holiday, although I am sure you can achieve this if you retreat every day to one of the many luxury full board hotels. 

The legendary Mooserwirt and Krazy Kanguruh are two popular apres ski spots where skiers gather to enjoy live music, dancing, and drinks. They are world famous for setting the 'standard' for apres parties, athough there are several resorts and institutions now that would argue their case. 

St. Christoph, situated just above St. Anton, is a smaller and quieter annex with a more exclusive atmosphere. It is home to the famous Arlberg Hospiz Hotel, a luxury establishment with a long-standing history. 

Lech and Zürs, located on the other side of the mountain from St. Anton, offer a more sophisticated and upscale experience. These resorts have attracted royalty, celebrities, and discerning skiers for many years. The apres ski scene here is more relaxed and centered around elegant lounges, cozy bars, and gourmet restaurants. 

These resorts also sit in the middle of the huge web of ski runs that make up the interconnected Ski Arlberg area, so they're your best bet if the order of the day is to ski as many of the km that the area has to offer. 

Stuben, the smallest of the Ski Arlberg resorts, is a charming village with a cozy atmosphere. It is well-connected to the ski slopes and provides a more laid-back and authentic skiing experience. Although the apres ski scene in Stuben is not as bustling as in St. Anton, there are still a few welcoming bars where skiers can unwind after a day on the slopes. 

Backdoor Resorts for access to this world famous ski area, without the associated upscale resort: 

Zug Stubenbach Warth Klösterle

Overall, Ski Arlberg is a world-class ski destination with a rich history, diverse terrain, and excellent amenities. It offers a memorable skiing experience for skiers of all levels and provides a charming alpine atmosphere combined with modern facilities.

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Ski Pass

6 day pass
Euro / km

Beginners Tickets

1 day, half day or 30 point.
32 to 42 euros per day

30 point ticket for beginners - point deduction:

St. Anton: Nassereinlift = 2, Kindlisfeld
= 2, Muldenlift = 1, Fangbahn = 6; St. Christoph: Maiensee = 3; Stuben: Angerlift = 1,
Walchlift = 2; Zürs: Übungshang = 3, Babylift = 1; Lech: Hinterwies = 2, Schwarzwand =
2, Flühen = 2; Oberlech: Bergbahn Oberlech = 5, Übungslift Oberlech = 2.

The 30 point
ticket is transferable and valid to the end of the season. Points not used cannot be refunded.

½ and 1 day tickets for practice and baby lifts valid for all lifts as a 30 point ticket, only
Bergbahn Oberlech max. 2 rides daily.




Closest Airports


Driving, St. Anton is only 1hr if you avoid peak times. 

Lech is 1.5hrs and so is Warth, There's no easy way to get to Warth aside from car.

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Direct Train
Train + Bus Option
Direct coach

Train Connections

Saint Anton am Arlberg

Direct train from Innsbruck in 1hr 8 min to the centre of St. Anton am Arlberg. 

For Lech:

Langen am Arlberg railway station: 15 km from Lech Zürs | 

regular taxi and bus service (line 750) | transfer time approx. 20 minutes 

St. Anton am Arlberg railway station: 20 km from Lech Zürs 

Regular taxi and bus connections (line 760) | transfer time approx. 30 minutes 

For Warth 

Train to Imst-Pitzal, then 2 buses (155 and 110) which is around 2 hrs

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