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Why build SnowClans?

There's no one out there doing this

Researching any solo ski options is incredibly time consuming and often frustrating, with large companies paying lip-service to solo travel on one page of a website, but providing no easily navigable options to look at. 

Ski Chalets are the ultimate in luxury, social experience but sole occupancy is the default for all the major sites, this luxury is most accessible for those with the luck and patience to organise a large group, especially with large tour operators dropping their shared catered chalets post-pandemic.

That's without even considering the first step where you tried and failed to find people to plan with.

So that's 2 Barriers to getting on the slopes: People + Planning

The industry is relying on the low hanging fruit to support itself and neglecting the passionate individuals who want to participate too.

There's no other place that aggregates holidays and instructional trips suitable for individuals to join.

There's no well designed place for Chalets to open up their bookings to a room by room or person by person basis and promote to a receptive audience.

The SnowClans Solution

Snow Clans_Logo V2-12.png

Helping both the holiday maker & the industry

  • Social - Community of members on the look out for Ride Buddies bound by the inclusion policy of don't be a tw*t.

  • Courses & Trips - Listings of all the Social Trips & Guided/instructional holidays suitable for individuals in one place

  • Shared Chalets- Providing a user friendly platform where accommodation providers can advertise themselves, with individuals in mind.

Covering the 2 Barriers:

  • People - By providing a platform to connect as well as search for 3rd party options with groups

  • Planning - By aggregating the options for holidays and accomodation in 1 place to easily search and filter with true per person pricing

Data driven service

We wanted to give a voice to the consumer​ & prove that there's passionate people out there who want to enjoy a social ski holiday

  1. Submit your desired holiday

  2. We accumulate all the data on where & when people want a chalet

  3. We have this to share with the industry

  4. We match people to the chalet deals we get

Who we are

I'm a massive Ski Nut, I have been since I was a child.

"Luckily for me I grew up skiing with my family, but when I graduated university and (kind of) grew out of family holidays, I struggled to find a reliable group of people to go skiing with. As it's such an important part of my year I like to plan ahead, and often gave up and resigned myself to going on my own so I didn't miss out. Whilst I love the snow enough to travel alone, it's not quite as fun, and that too came with a lot of challenges."

The massive Ski Nut, is Vic, the Founder.

A Neuroscientist by training, an Insight consultant by trade and now a CEO by passion.

Ski of choice

Nordica Santa Ana 93

"Commit to nothing, ski everything"

Favourite Resort

Serfaus - Fiss - Ladis

Amazing  selection of terrain for advanced skiers both on an off piste

Après Beverage

Beer, can't go wrong

progress circle pride_edited.png

Vic is a Non-Binary, trans masculine human.

The core values of Snowclans are inclusion and authenticity, this is why Snowclans is a proudly and openly LGBTQIA+ owned and ran business.

You might think this has absolutely no relevance to a business, and we agree, however unfortunately some people still feel the need to make it known that they don't like or understand your existence despite absolutely no one asking them.


Therefore, it's important for us to use what little platform we have to be visible and 100% ourselves, so other minorities can see that we exist and the world of skiing is open to everyone.

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