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Create your own Clan
Ride Buddy adverts

Don't want to wait for a company to organise something that fits you?

Already know what you want? Maybe you've already booked a place?

Advertise now and get buddies

Your ad will be searchable + You'll have your own discussion room to meet and chat to your new friends

(Scroll to the bottom for how it works)

Trip Suggestion

Tell us what kind of trip you're planning


Select Start Month 





Currently we capture availability by w/c Sat

 Please state in your ad exact dates



What happens now?

We review and publish all ads in 24-48hrs

In this time we create and assign you a dedicated discussion room.

You will receive 2 emails - CHECK YOUR JUNK FOLDER

Add us to your contacts to avoid missing notifications of people joining and talking to you

1. Immediately: With all the information on how Ride Buddies works

save this for reference

2. In 24-48 hrs: Confirming you've been added to your group (this means your ad & Group is live)

ridebud info

Help: I hate technology, what do I do? Simple guide

Scroll down for more advanced info including the app for easy mobile access & notifications

  1. Click the "View Group" link in your Welcome email to open your discussion room.


This will require you to log into the site.

ski group discussion room

2. Click the "Share something" box to create a new announcement

Type a welcome message that people can reply to, introduce yourself etc.

3. Wait - You will get an email every time someone posts in your discussion room


If you don't trust your email - check back on the site:

  • Log in

  • Check your Notifications (Bell shaped icon in the top right menu)

  • Click to see a list of updates


4. Respond to someone by clicking the "Write a comment" box below their post.

That way they will know your response is aimed at them.

NOTE: You can view your advert at any time on the Ride Buddys page, and edit it via your Dashboard

Your ad is now live!
Now what?

Customise your discussion room

People will enter your discussion room via your advert.

They will want to chat to you about your advert, so give them something that shows you're engaged.

If in doubt - click the 3 dots in the top left of a post or section, it will show you options to edit or delete

For example:

  • Add your holiday details to the about section

  • Post a comment welcoming everyone

  • Add a cover photo

  • Add a photo of yourself or a bit more of an introduction

Then wait for people to chat!

ski group discussion room

How do I customise my group?
How will I know when people contact me?

There are 2 ways you can keep on top of your discussion room - Via the website or via the app (or both)

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