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Metric explainers

Connected areas only

The km total in these areas are all connected by skiable routes.

Conversely, other area totals are made up of 2 or more distinct areas that require transport to switch between (e.g. Ski bus). They're grouped under the same ski pass usually due to proximity.

Pass price (euros)

This is the 6 day ski pass price for an Adult*

Price per km

6 day ski pass price divided by the number of skiable km in the pass area

This is a value calculation used to compare the value of different size areas.

The smaller the number, the better the value of the pass.

Sub Area

This area is a sub-section of a wider ski area or multi-area group. eg. Meribel is part of the 3 Valleys, but you can purchase a meribel-only pass.

Some sub-areas look like poor value (price per km) because their multi-day pass covers the wider area and therefore you technically get more km/ euro. However we've included them for completeness. 

*Caveates on pass price + last update date at the bottom of the page

Price caveat

Prices as of April 2023

This is a mix of 22/23 and 23/24 season pricing - depending on when the areas release new pricing. We will revisit this at regular intervals to update.

Dynamic Pricing

Where dynamic pricing is in place, we've used the middle where a range is supplied. Alternatively we searched for January 2023 prices. The price will increase the closer to the time.

Dynamic pricing is especially prevalent in Swiss resorts now

High/ Mid / Low season

Where split out, we've quoted Mid season pricing. High season includes Chrsitmas, Half terms and Easter and is more expensive. Conversely, Low season is the beginning and end of the season and will be cheaper.

Multi-area prices

Areas that sit within a bigger Multi area system often charge the multi-area price for multiday tickets over 2 days. So you get access to a wider area than the km quoted, whether you wanted it or not.

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