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Overnight Train Travel from Paris to the slopes: A Scenic and Relaxing Journey to the Alps

You can leave Paris one evening and wake up at the doorstep of your resort the next day, saving you a whole day lost from travel.

There's several options depending on your budget

Seated Places: The Budget-Friendly Choice

Starting from just €19 for a single journey, INTERCITÉS offers Seated Places. These seats are equipped with a footrest and an adjustable headrest to ensure your comfort. Plus, you'll have individual reading lights, making it easy to read or work without disturbing fellow passengers. It's the perfect option for those looking for a wallet-friendly travel experience.

Bunks: The Ultimate Comfort at an Affordable Price

For those seeking maximum comfort, INTERCITÉS provides another budget-friendly option. Choose between 1st and 2nd class bunks starting from only €29 for a single journey.

There are 4 bunks in 1st class compartments and 6 bunks in 2nd

There is a pillow and a duvet/sleeping bag with integrated sheet for each bed

Space is optimised for luggage - space under bunks for luggage and ski bags above the door

Section for Women Traveling Alone: Peace of Mind Guaranteed

Compartment exclusively reserved for women traveling alone or with young children. Located close to the conductor, this compartment provides extra peace of mind. And the best part? It's a free service! Simply select 'Espace Dame Seule' when making your reservation and enjoy a worry-free journey.

Private Area: Your Own Personal Haven

With the Private Area service (Espace Privatif), you can reserve a whole compartment just for yourself. Prices start from €40, and this option is available in both first and second class. Enjoy the privacy and comfort you desire throughout your journey.

Onboard services

Free wifi

Personalised wake up call

Pre-order your meals online or visit the

2 toilets and a standalone sink per carriage

No showers, but 1st class passengers can access showers in the Paris station with presentation of their ticket

The Night Kit (provided) to travel well:

  • water bottle

  • earplugs

  • tissues

  • refreshing wipes

  • eye mask

Ski areas served

(Follow the links for our area guides)

These are all great areas that would otherwise require a fairly lengthy train from Lyon or Grenoble if you fly in, or a long coach in the case of Serre Chevalier. This is a far more efficient way of travelling and opens up new resorts for you to explore!

The Positives of Overnight Train Travel

Why choose an overnight train instead of a plane or car? There are several benefits to taking an overnight train:

  1. Save a day of travel

  2. No luggage restrictions: Unlike airplanes, overnight trains have more flexible luggage policies. You can bring as much luggage as you want and don't have to worry about size or weight restrictions.

  3. Scenic views: Train travel allows you to see the beautiful scenery of France. The overnight train from Paris to Briancon passes through stunning landscapes, giving you a chance to sit back and relax while taking in the views as you wake up.

  4. Environmentally friendly: Train travel is much more sustainable than flying or driving. Overnight trains also have lower carbon emissions than other modes of transportation, making them a better choice for eco-conscious travelers.

  5. Early arrival in resort - get everything sorted on your first day, squeeze in some more skiing or relax and take in the town.

Departure and Arrival Times

The overnight train from Paris to Briancon usually departs from Paris-Austerlitz station in the evening. The train leaves around 8:30 PM, giving you ample time to transfer from the Eurostar station, Gare du Nord, or a flight in the afternoon.

Approximate arrival times - resort

06h53 - Gap 07h33 - Embrun 07h50 - Montdauphin Guillestre 08h20 - Briancon

Want to find and book train tickets?

Book on The Trainline up to 4 months in advance - The trainline integrates all European train providers into one app, so you can buy a full cross border journey in one purchase. It works out all the connections and transfer times.

Want to learn more? Search: INTERCITÉS train Paris - Briançon

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