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Travel Planning

So you want to go skiing on your own? Amazing!

Solo ski holidays are a true breath of fresh air.

You're probably here because you have realised one or more of the following:

  • Tour operators sites aren't set up for solo travellers

  • Build your own holiday options are overwhelming

  • Good value options such as international rail and bus networks are often a pain to research

  • You simply don't have the time to plan

  • You want some inspiration

We are sorry, but we aren't accepting more requests at this time

Let us help

If you would like us to plan your solo ski or snowboarding trip, fill in the form below.

Please check your junk mail for our response

Please provide as much detail as you can to give us the best understanding of your needs, and we will be in contact as soon as possible with a no obligation quote for our planning & any clarifying questions.

To read more about us and our experience head to the about section.

On average, we quote approx. 10% of your budget for our service.

Complexity dependent.

We are not an agency, and thus don't  favour providers - Our service fee covers the hours we put into researching your holiday.

Let's go!

Please fill in all fields to the best of your ability

What you'd like us to cover
Method of transport to country
Transfer Options

Accommodation Options

Accommodation options
Catering options
Accomodation stars

Remember to check your junk folder for replies

Thanks for your request!

As travel planners we provide you a shortlist of options within your desired scope and the booking links to use.

We do not manage bookings for you, so you have complete control and there's no need to share any highly personal details with us - because of this we don't add commission on top of your costs and thus charge a fee for our time.

To read more about us and our experience head to the about section.




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