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How to convince your non-skiing partner to go on a ski holiday

There’s 2 types of non-skiing partner, those who want to and those who don’t (or can’t)

We assume have you lead with how stunning it is in the mountains? or how great the food is?

Don’t want to ski (or are physically unable)

There’s way more to ski resorts than just skiing.

Ski resorts are perfect for big kids, there’s plenty of other active ways to enjoy yourself that don’t require hours of learning to enjoy. Fat biking, snow shoeing, tobogganing, paragliding, dog sledding, horse drawn carriages…If you have a partner who doesn’t want to learn and maybe a couple of friends, why not convince them of a different winter adventure together?

Go to areas where they invest a lot in making themselves well rounded, like La Plagne.

At Snowclans we have a fair few chalets in Plagne 1800 which is right in the middle of it all. Buses serve all the La Plagne villages so it’s easy to get around and check out everything there is to offer.

For those who can’t indulge or don’t like the active life - they can relax with some stunning views.. There’s also the Spa visits, hugely common in a lot of resorts.

We will admit, if you have physical disabilities, accessibility isn't always #1 priority in Ski resorts, but it can be done. Ski schools in larger areas can have adaptive snowsport instructors for things like Sit-Skis. Learn more at Disability Snowsport UK.

Can’t Ski - Yet

Some partners are new to it, but keen to learn, there are ways both of you can get the most out of your ski holiday together.

Although marketed as ‘Solos ski holidays’, a lot of “solos” chalet holidays are popular with mixed ability couples and friends. The chalet almost inevitably ends up having someone at your level to ski with, whilst your partner goes to ski school. You’re safe in the knowledge that everyone is there for a social ski holiday, so happy to buddy up and ski together, and you can meet up for apres ski.

If you have an independent partner, some Solos providers even have beginners weeks to send them off to, whilst you join another solo trip of your choice at your level, maybe even getting that time off piste or trying touring whilst your partner catches up.

All shared chalets have the potential to facilitate this too, but when not focused on Solos it’s more pot-luck on if you’ll have extroverted people who are happy for you to team up with them. We find that the type of people who choose a social setting like a Chalet are more likely to be open to this!

Regardless of the type of non-skier…

Shared Ski Chalets are a great accommodation option.

Ski chalets offer that ‘home away from home’ comfort - during the day big lounges, cosy fires and entertainment facilities would be quiet for them to relax in peace. PLUS you don’t have to lift a finger as all catering and cleaning is done for you, making it the most relaxing holiday option. Who wants to be cooped up in a hotel room, or have to do all the cooking and cleaning themselves in a studio or apartment?

Not everyone is a first lift, last run kind of skier, your Chalet-mates could take some time out to relax off the slopes too. Strike up a conversation and you might just find a new bar buddy, scenic stroller or shop browser to enjoy a few hours with.

If all else fails - Just go without them

As they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Snowclans was built for people who love skiing and won't let a lack of available friends and family hold them back, we have the solution for you to go on your own if your negotiations fail.

The holidays range from socials to niche tours and guided holidays so there’s something for everyone, and if you don’t want a specialist group to join, our shared chalets are a great accommodation option that lets you socialise if you wish. If you don’t find something that fits, fill in our demand form

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See you on the slopes!

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