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Solo ski holidays for beginners

So you want to go on a ski and snowboard holiday but you've not got the skills or the opportunity to go with friends and family?

No problem.

You're not alone!

What are your options?

Specific beginners solo ski holidays

These are a rare few weeks a season

Check out our full listings of solo holidays and filter on beginners to see what's remaining for the season

Our suggestions

HOFNAR Solos Chalets - Beginner and Improvers weeks

Fully inclusive week all organised for you with group lessons, hire, accommodation and fully catered. You'll be surrounded by people at your level so you can cruise along outside with a new group of friends.

Find more information here

General Solo Ski Holidays

There's a fair few brands who host organised solo's weeks that are open to everyone, beginners and experts alike.

These are an opportunity to socialise with other solo travelers, whilst you can't guarantee anyone will be an absolute beginner like you, it's a great convivial atmosphere especially in the evenings when everyone comes together for afternoon tea and dinner.

Even if there isn't a fellow newbie, you'll find a lot of these people are more than happy to do some runs with you at your pace, as everyones there to seek out the positive social benefits of a group holiday.

Why not spend the mornings in a group ski lesson? These often have other solo's that you can get to know, have lunch with and maybe even ski with them or their group in the afternoons. Want a more personal approach? Find a private ski instructor, they're a short cut to great skills and a buddy all in one.

We recommend Maison Sport, who operate across resorts in the alps.

There's plenty more options for generalist solo weeks across the season, browse our collection of solo holidays via the button below.

Build your own Solo Ski holiday

shared ski chalet
Shared chalets are a great option

There's no need to rely on organised group holidays, even if you are a beginner.

Building your own ski holiday gives you the flexibility to go when and where you want and tailor the accommodation and food options to your needs and budget.

But what do I need? Where do I go?

How will I meet people?

You're in luck, Snowclans are THE Solo Ski people

We have plenty of resources on our site to guide you through building your own ski holiday from scratch, and our social media is a constant stream of new deals, tips and insight for ski holidays.

Things like:

  • Find a shared chalet for a social atmosphere

  • Go to a resort that's well connected with trains & buses or shared transfer options

  • Sign up to our solo community and find new ski buddies

  • Join a ski school wherever you go for social group lessons

We can't give you all the information in this one blog post unfortunately, but why not...

  • Browse the blog for more helpful articles on building a holiday

  • Sign up to get updates on new holidays and deals

  • Follow us on social media to learn & be inspired to take your next ski holiday

We really hope we've given you some inspiration to take the leap and book a solo ski trip, we promise you won't regret it.

All the best

Snowclans HQ

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